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May You Rot For Eternity, Gelatin!!!! - Go, and never darken my towels again.

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May 5th, 2006

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04:21 pm - May You Rot For Eternity, Gelatin!!!!
Every sweet I love is tainted. Yes. Even Cadbury. What is this world coming to?

This site lists a ton of [British] stuff that is almost, but not quite Veg:

The worst blows were:

Bassetts Liqourice Allsorts
Black Jack Chews
Cadbury's Flake chocolate mousse
Cadbury's low-fat chocolate mousse
Cadbury's milk chocolate trifle
Cadbury's Toppers Hot Chocolate
Cardini's Original Caesar Dressing
Dorito's 'cheese' and 'cool' flavours
Haribo Gummy Bears
Haribo Jelly Sweets
Maynards Wine Gums
Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewell Tarts
Muller Light Yogurts
Muller Light Mousses
Muller rice light
Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles
Rowntree's Jelly
Rowntrees jelly babies
Rowntree's Sugar Free Jellies
Walkers Sensations "Four Cheese & Red Onion" crisps

To see fruit doing naughty things:
Current Mood: Angry and broken
Current Music: Can't Stand to See Your Face-Holly Golightly-My First Holly Golightly Album

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Date:May 6th, 2006 12:28 am (UTC)
maya, i will eat all those things for you. Well, if i ever happen to come across them again.

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