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Go, and never darken my towels again.

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April 27th, 2006

12:41 pm - from the book of revelations
Sometimes, when i wake up, my hair looks like a mullet.
Current Music: An Arrow in the Side of Final Fantasy-Final Fantasy-Has a Good Home

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April 26th, 2006

09:58 pm - You're, like, totally doing my head in?
Andrew showed this to me:

things to note:
Bowie/ Labyrinth complex

What is it about, one wonders.

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05:46 pm - Brilliant!
They can't catch me if they can't find me!

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April 24th, 2006

03:30 pm - also
i intend to call people things like 'goober-brian' and 'cock-goober' more frequenly in the furture. maybe even to you.
Current Music: Petite Suite-Claude Debussy-The Chamber Music Of Claude Debussy

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03:26 pm - swamped
Skipped class for this first time today. I've avoided it all sememster. Oh well. Too much to do.






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April 22nd, 2006

02:24 am - Smooth Criminal
Elise and I, in a fit of nostalgia for Scotland hooligans have relocated several traffic cones to strategic points around campus. We have given new life and meaning to the otherwise everyday statues which populate the grounds. Hooray for minor acts of rebellion.

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April 20th, 2006

02:43 pm - Mrarg
I'm so bad on the blinking phone!!! Everytime this lady from my summer internship calls, I turn into a gibbering idiot. Oh well. Looks like i will be working nights and weekends. Woohoo. Shucks. I will also be doing an improv class. (shiver). Gonna be an interesting summer for sure.

Also I spent four hours reading in the sun today. It was beautiul. Also. One day I am going to apprentice with Bread and Puppet theatre.
Current Music: Lives Of Crime-Fruit Bats-Spelled In Bones

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April 19th, 2006

12:14 am - Stolen topics
Someone in Elise's class put this up for bid. I think it is pretty funny. I also think that if enough people find out about it, it would be even better.


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April 15th, 2006

08:36 pm - ?

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April 9th, 2006

07:37 pm - Victory
There is a peculiar quality to the first days of spring that causes otherwise fairly reserved individuals to do outlandish things.

Today I witnessed the end of a 72 hour game of utimate frisbee. A world record. 30 or so Beloit students played back to back games of ultimate frisbee in hail (30 minutes of hail, enough to accumuate on the ground), rain, 30 degree nights, sunshine, mud, wind. Literallly the elements.

They had 4 hour shifts. They played for 4 hours, slept for 4 hours and then played again. Some of them over slept so the people they were meant to replace had to keep playing. They were limping, one of them had crutches.

It was actually incredible to watch. I went to see them once during the first 24 hours, once last night at 3:30 AM and just now when they finished the game.

They ran around with the very ends of thier reserves, hugging one another, parading a Beloit college flag, lifting one another on thier shoulders. They were actually close to tears. Who can blame them, I nearly was.

For one of the first times I realized that these are the things that people must do to remember the exhiliration of living. They were vibrating with life, even through thier exahustion.

Last night a girl was saying, "I'll sleep from 3-5 and then be back out here at 5." This was just a matter of fact thing. That was her schedule and she was just telling her pals.

I can't imagine what those players are feeling right now. There must be a sadness that the task is over.

It was a really moving experince watching them succeed.
Current Mood: awed

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