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Go, and never darken my towels again.

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October 10th, 2006

11:53 pm - I AM NOT DEAD
Just living in Boston. In sin. More to follow.

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May 9th, 2006

11:31 am
First: Expect for Packing and Graduation I'm DONE

Second: Plankton are cool:

Current Mood: awed

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12:29 am - woooooooooooooooooooo
So bloody close. Just gotta turn 'em in tomorrow and i am done. whew.

well, then of course there's packing.... but lets not think about that now
Current Mood: reservedly excited

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May 8th, 2006

01:53 pm - still working on 2 papers. tomorrow is the last day of exams
So close and yet so bloody far!
Current Mood: busy

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May 5th, 2006

04:21 pm - May You Rot For Eternity, Gelatin!!!!
Every sweet I love is tainted. Yes. Even Cadbury. What is this world coming to?

This site lists a ton of [British] stuff that is almost, but not quite Veg:

The worst blows were:

Bassetts Liqourice Allsorts
Black Jack Chews
Cadbury's Flake chocolate mousse
Cadbury's low-fat chocolate mousse
Cadbury's milk chocolate trifle
Cadbury's Toppers Hot Chocolate
Cardini's Original Caesar Dressing
Dorito's 'cheese' and 'cool' flavours
Haribo Gummy Bears
Haribo Jelly Sweets
Maynards Wine Gums
Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewell Tarts
Muller Light Yogurts
Muller Light Mousses
Muller rice light
Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles
Rowntree's Jelly
Rowntrees jelly babies
Rowntree's Sugar Free Jellies
Walkers Sensations "Four Cheese & Red Onion" crisps

To see fruit doing naughty things:
Current Mood: Angry and broken
Current Music: Can't Stand to See Your Face-Holly Golightly-My First Holly Golightly Album

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May 4th, 2006

01:21 pm
31 hours and counting....

(well, not includeing a 20 min nap at 7 this morning.)
Current Mood: surprisingly awake

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06:20 am - wooooohoooooooooohoooooohoo!!!!!!!!!!
If i'm still awake, does that mean this is still my last day of classes?
Current Mood: peppy as all get out
Current Music: Casualties Of War: Main Theme-Yo-Yo Ma-Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone

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03:40 am
weee! i'm still awake. yay.

Last day of school.

I'm still working on home work.

32 pages till i can graduate. Yay!!!

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May 2nd, 2006

10:50 pm - Dear Diary,
Today I:
Went for Brews and Bowling with the professor I had a fight with.
Quit My Job.
Spent an hour learning about pyrotechniques.
Spent an hour building a box.
Watched 4 plays.
Ate 1 meal.
Accomplished no homework despite the 32 pages i need to have finished by tomorrow.

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April 30th, 2006

09:44 pm - essentially
wakes up in panic.
Shakes head.
gets up and runs directly into wall.
falls down.
gets up immediately, runs screaming into another room.
jumps up and down.
hits ceiling.
unphased, runs gibbering into another wall.
sits quietly for a moment blowing spittle bubbles.
jumps up again shrilly yelling.
runs in circles.
trips over own feet and lands on nose.
Yells louder.
stumbles downstairs and hits door as it opens.
momentarily confused.
runs again out door and climbs tree.
sits in tree yelling nonsense words at passers by and running finger over lips while humming.
falls out of tree and is still.
Current Mood: crying in a corner

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